Hover Effects Archive

3D Animation jQuery Flip

A lightweight jQuery plugin to create jQuery flip with 3D animation. File Size : 19 KB Demo More Info / Download

7 Best WordPress Hover Effects

Collection of best wordpress hover effects plugins. You can use it for your images, whenever user hover an image you can display the caption or description of particular image or anything else like social media buttons or links. You can use it for image, link or thumbnail. Here we list out some free hover effects

Bootstrap Thumbnail Hover Effect

Thumbnail Caption Hover Effect Create a bootstrap thumbnail hover effect using HTML, CSS and JS. Demo More Info / Download   Easy Thumbnail Hover Caption with ToolTip Demo / More Info

14 Image Hover Effects

HTML and CSS code for Image hover effects with or without bootstrap. It includes 14 different image hover effects. File Size : 7.1 MB Demo More Info / Download

Direction Aware 3D Hover Effect

Create a direction aware 3d hover effect using HAML, SCSS and JS Demo / Download

Slip Hover – Direction Aware Hover Effect

SlipHover is a direction aware hover effect. This plugin works well with all modern browsers and IE9+ File Size : 1.4 MB Demo More Info / Download

Direction Aware Hover Effect Using jQuery & CSS3

Create a direction aware hover effect using jQuery and CSS3. File Size : 133 KB Demo More Info / Download

iHover – Hover Effects using Pure CSS

iHover is a collection of hover effects using pure CSS. This CSS hover effects work well with Bootstrap 3. Totally 30+ hover effects available in single pack. Features : * Pure CSS3 * Built with SASS CSS * Bootstrap 3 compatible * Circle & square image hover effects * 20 Circle image hover effects *

3D Cover jQuery Hover Effect

You can apply this 3D jquery hover effect to your DVD, Game CD Covers using this plugin. In this plugin you can also customize the border color of your CD, DVD cover by passing option when call the plugin. File Size : 733 KB Demo / Download

12 Fun Sharing Button Effects

Below button effects are done via CSS. These buttons different effects are fall back, paper flip, rumble, 3d doors, circle, rotation, simple, doors, zoom, border, future and pop ups. File Size – 1.7 MB Demo Download