CSS Hover Effects Archive

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

Create 3D thumbnail hover effects using jQuery and CSS3 transforms. Demo More Info / Download

14 Image Hover Effects

HTML and CSS code for Image hover effects with or without bootstrap. It includes 14 different image hover effects. File Size : 7.1 MB Demo More Info / Download

Image Caption Hover Animation – CSS3 Transitions and Transforms

This is an Image caption hover animation effect using CSS3 transitions and transforms. It will work on all modern browsers where CSS3 animation are supported. File Size : 772 KB Demo More Info / Download

3D Hover Effects for Thumbnails and Images

Create 3D hover effects for images using pure HTML and CSS3. Demo / More Info

CSS 3D Link Hover Effect

You can use this 3d hover effect for your anchor tag links. Using CSS translate3d and perspective to create this clean text hover effect for links. Demo More Info See the Pen 3D hover effect in CSS by sebastianekstrom (@sebastianekstrom) on CodePen.

Direction Aware Hover Effect Using jQuery & CSS3

Create a direction aware hover effect using jQuery and CSS3. File Size : 133 KB Demo More Info / Download

iHover – Hover Effects using Pure CSS

iHover is a collection of hover effects using pure CSS. This CSS hover effects work well with Bootstrap 3. Totally 30+ hover effects available in single pack. Features : * Pure CSS3 * Built with SASS CSS * Bootstrap 3 compatible * Circle & square image hover effects * 20 Circle image hover effects *