Zoom Effect Archive

Zoom and Pan jQuery Plugin

This zoom and pan jQuery plugin manage smooth zoom and pan. This plugins work on mobile and PC. You can also customize this plugin behavior with an option object. File Size : 539 KB Demo More Info / Download

Elevate Zoom – jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

Elevate jQuery image zoom plugin includes different examples – basic zoom, tints, gallery & lightbox, window position, inner zoom, lens zoom and more… Features : * Fully Customizable * Fancybox Gallery Support * External Controls * Variable Zoom on Mouse Scroll File Size : 983 KB Demo More Info / Download

jQuery PanZoom

A jQuery plugin for panning and zooming using CSS3. File Size : 213 KB Demo More Info / Download

jQuery Zoom Effect – OnClick, OnHover

A small jQuery plugin to enlarge images on touch, click and mouseover. File Size : 136 KB Demo More Info / Download